PCC Silicium

PCC Silicium S.A. is the company with long experience in the mining and quartzite processing. Our market position was earned through the quality of produced aggregates for the building industry, especialy for the road and railway building and for the steel industry.

Our advantages are: adjusting to the market needs and requirements in the ranges of our products, favorable geographical location, infrastructure which allows the reception of goods by road or railway.

The production process is being constantly improved and new activities aim to provide the customers with high quality products.

Quartzite aggregates

High quality of quartzite aggregates for building

Industrial quartzite

Industrial quartzite selected from the batch of deposits with the best chemical parameters.

Deliveries of aggregates

Deliveries of aggregates by rail
and road transport.


Due to the location in the vicinity of the Świętokrzyski National Park and Nature Area 2000 our compny takes into account environmental and ecological conditions.