Quality Policy

The most important aim of our company is to ensure high quality of our products.

In 2007 the company developed and implemented the Factory Production Control System which meets the requirements specified in the EU Directive No. 89/106EEC.

The Factory Production Control describes all the actions taken by producers to ensure constant product quality. The Factory Production Control System is based on identification, description, improvement, measurement and control of all the processes in the organization, for which there are appropriate procedures and instructions. Company established quality policy which is known, understood and obeyed at all levels of the organizational structure.

In January 2008 our company received the Certificate of Factory Production Control and the right to label our products with CE mark in the 2 + system.

Aggregates that we offer are preliminary tested by the notified EU entity i.e. the Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining, Construction and Mining Equipment Research Laboratory.

Current control of the basic quality parameters of the products is conducted by our Chemical Laboratory.

Range of aggregates research:

  • indication of grain size,

  • indication of grains` shape,

  • indication of mineral dust,

  • indication of dust quality.

Systematic quality control of produced industrial quartzite confirms that the product suits BN-74/6761-08 standards. Chemical analysis is made with the use of spectrographic method according to PN-86 / H-04155/09 standards.

Our company has a Certificate of Conformity for rail broken stone 31.5 / 50 mm for the use in rail transport, issued by the Railway Institute which is accredited by the PCA.